We would like to thank the following persons, for we couldn’t have made the New Utopians project work without them:

Barnita Bagchi

We thank our devoted supervisor for her time, support, trust and advice. Her presence at our meetings, her feedback and her coaching have been the motor behind our project. She inspired us whilst giving us the necessary space to explore the possibilities for the project as well as our own abilities, and she was there whenever we needed help.

Ido de Haan

We would like to thank him for his support, his advise and his help with the organizational sides of the project.

Hannah Ackermans

Lotte Roelofs

Rosemary Schadenberg

Eveline de Smalen

Michelle van Toorn 

Gry Ulstein

Lisa van Vark

Marloes de Vogel

Maaike Zoelman

John O’Hare

Without their thesis fragments and articles our website would not have been complete. These valuable contributions have helped us to map out the different dimensions of utopia as well as dystopia, and they provide an elaborate demonstration of how contemporary, omnipresent and important utopian thinking is.

Dymph van den Boom

Job Cohen 

Louise Gunning-Schepers 

Karel Luyben

Remco Raben

Carel Stolker

Rob van der Vaart

Their enthusiastic participation in our documentary has been very valuable to us. Their professional opinion about the possibilities and impossibilities of the utopian, ideal university, has allowed us to make a film which shows a variety of perspectives on the universities as they are today, and on the university as it could or should be. Their personal visions on both the university and utopia have been an interesting addition to our platform.

B. Acvi 

F. Bateson

F. Berends

S. van Broekhuizen

S. de Clerq

A. Conduto

P. Eijsink 

S. van Haaren

A. Holtrop

H. Khinifri 

Z. Kok

M. van Kol

L. de Koning

W. van Maden

M. van der Meer

E. Ooverbeeke

D. Ortan 

B. Pilzer

E. Reijnders

M. Rice

A. van Rijen

Y. Sha

R. Vangangelt

C. Vegh

M. Wesselink

M. Yang

The readiness of these students to share their thoughts about the current Utrecht University has provided us with the possibility to find a balance between students and academics on our website, and it has also allowed us to shed ligt on at least some of the creative thinking about the university and utopia among the normally unheard student population. The opinion of these students is of great value concerning the utopian university, and has shown the benefits of utopian and dystopian thinking in general.

Lisa Swaving

Guiding us through her wonderful exhibition De Kim Utopie in the Drents Museum (Assen, the Netherlands), which will be open until the 30th of August, Lisa has shown us how fine the line can be between utopia and dystopia. The exhibition made clear that utopia lies in the eye of the beholder, and we learnt that utopia and dystopia can be as much entangled as they oppose each other. We recommend everyone to go and see the exhibition, for it offers some very interesting food for thought and reflection.

Hans Schuurman

We thank Hans for lending us the filming equipment for our documentaries and trusting us to handle it with care.


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